Our experts will be there for you on every step to complete reconstruction. We take on any project, large or small, from smoke damage cleaning to full structure restoration.



Our fire damage restoration process:

Emergency Response

– you call 24/7 customer care line and we direct the nearest WAFRT team to your location to thoroughly inspect the property and assess the fire, soot, and smoke damage

Immediate services

-The WAFRT professional team provides all types of services needed to prevent further property damage and avoid safety risks, from board-up, housing assistance, getting cleaned clothes all the way to temporary lighting installation.

Insurance claims

– Our expert gets all the paperwork ready and meets with your insurance company representative to come to an agreement on the extent of the scope for necessary repairs

Packing assistance

– We pack out, relocate and store all your surviving personal belongings.  If needed, we can also help you dispose of non-salvageable items and work with a non- salvageable team to get you compensated for your loss items.

Water removal

– We use air movers and dehumidifiers to maximally speed up the drying process and minimize water damage.

Smoke removal

-Using professional equipment and specialized techniques, we clean your walls, ceilings, and other surfaces from smoke and soot. We make sure that all smoke damaged areas are replaced new if possible.


– General Contractors take care of major fire repairs, reconstruction, sanitizing, and deodorization.



After Fire steps:

1. File a claim with your insurance company
2. Interview full-service Restoration Company immediately or call (726) 224-2000
3. Have Restoration company remove standing water to prevent mold
4. Remove valuables, firearms and important papers
5. Have Restoration Company secure the property, board-up openings
6 Schedule pets to be protected and boarded
7. Replace prescriptions exposed to smoke
8. Secure housing through insurance
9. Schedule restoration company to contact insurance adjuster to estimate damage
10. Save all receipts